Now Shukri Has Admitted Shafee Was Biased!

Nancy said that her answer to Parliament in 2015 that Shafee had only received RM1,000 was based on information given to her as then-de factolaw minister by the AG’s Chambers, and it remains unchanged.

“As far as I remember, whatever response was given to me to reply in Parliament, that was the official one,” she told Malaysiakini.

Nancy said Shafee believed he was performing a “national service”.

Whistleblower site Sarawak Report, citing leaked investigation papers, previously claimed that Shafee had received two payments totalling RM9.5 million directly from Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

However, Nancy was unaware of this.

“Other than that, I do not know. I mean all those allegations, I cannot confirm nor refute them because as far as I’m concerned officially, the answer given to me was RM1,000.

Our comment

Malaysia’s jailed opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, is to return to court following the emergence of new evidence that the case against him was perverted by a whopping RM9.4m bung to the lead prosecutor personally paid by the Prime Minister – presenting a clear conflict of interest.

Now, minister Nancy Shukri has made matters worse by confirming that the prosecutor, Shafee Abdullah, a private lawyer controversially drafted in by the government for the task, had agreed to do the job for a token fee, since he viewed the matter to be a “national service”.

National service because he is on a crusade against sodomy or national service because he wanted the opposition leader in jail to protect the Prime Minister, who had just paid him close on ten million ringgit?

The guilelessness of so many senior figures in BN, who damn themselves by their own remarks, is itself quite remarkable.  A decent court should have little problem ruling in Anwar’s favour, when you have ministers such as Shukri openly admitting the agenda was to put him away rather than making a fair judgement.

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