Najib Jumps On The "Fake News" Bandwaggon!

Malaysians need to check on every news article spread by the opposition especially with the 14th general election approaching, said Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

He said if the people were deceived by the opposition’s propaganda, the country’s future would be gravely affected if they make the wrong choice in the election.

“In a dynamic political environment people are exposed to changes and they may make their decisions based on inaccurate information. The vulnerability of the people can adversely affect the government.

“We see this happening not only in our country but also in developed countries like for example when the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union.

“The decision was made based on the Brexit campaigns which were supported by false and misleading information which eventually changed the history of the United Kingdom. The people are now remorseful over their decision but nothing can be done about it,” he said.

Our comment

Najib Razak ought not to attempt to speak for the British people, whom he sweepingly describes as “remorseful” based on no factual evidence.

This is in itself an example of the sort of “fake news” tactics by propagandists, which he pretends to deplore.

He should also be mindful that the other sweeping victory associated with the Brexit trend is that of Donald Trump, whom he is presently trying to suck up to in the misguided hope that the new president can quash investigations into 1MDB.

Najib should appreciate that most Malaysians are now wearily aware, after years of BN’s own state propaganda, as to the sources from where they are most in danger of receiving fake news, namely their own government-controlled media.

Nonsense stories about how the money stolen by the Prime Minister from 1MDB was a donation from an Arab royal remain top of the list of fake news that these outfits are tasked with trying to convince the people with.

So, Sarawak Report has its own warning, which is that people should avoid electing proven thieves, liars, thugs and all round criminals back into power, because such people are dangerous for a nation’s health and well-being, especially when they are in charge.

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