Has Najib Gone Mad?

A string of graft charges against civil servants is a reminder that those in government must not take away what rightfully belongs to the people, said Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Speaking at the Prime Minister’s Department monthly assembly in Putrajaya today, Najib said the cases highlighted wastage by officials which would reduce public confidence in the government.

“What the MACC has done this past few days reminds us about wastage. About taking away the rights of the rakyat.

“Don’t take away the rights of the rakyat. It belongs to them.”


Our comment

Is Najib now utterly self-deluded or is he cynically correct that Malaysians will lick the boots of the man who lashes them?

He believes he can steal their money; toss them some back to gain their votes and then punish and preach at others, who try to follow his example on a smaller scale.

Perhaps Najib does not understand the anger of people treated in this way?

His opinion of his countrymen must be very, very low.  However, he should watch it, because these sentiments tend to be mutual.

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