Emperor Najib Thinks 'His People' Are Stupid

The opposition may have set its eyes on Johor in the next general election but Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is not taking it lying down.

Attending a grand Hari Raya open house in Sembrong tonight, Najib was flanked by top Umno leaders including vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein, who is the constituency’s MP.

Najib’s purpose was clear as he declared: “We come here today to ensure that the land of Sembrong will remain firmly in the hands of BN”.

The prime minister then went on to say that he would “pay the bills” for the people of Sembrong, but requested that they also repay him.

“Today, coming here should have been free, there shouldn’t be a need to pay anything.

“But looks like Hishammuddin had sent me the bill even before I arrived here… I was cornered,” he said in jest.

Najib then announced the construction of 1,000 units of people’s public housing in two phases, 500 homes for second generation Felda settlers and the upgrading of Taman Sri Lambak police kiosk into a full-fledged police station.

“So, with three projects, I have paid the bill for this meeting with the people of Sembrong. I have fulfilled your wishes, now you’ll need to fulfil mine,” he said.

Najib subsequently asked what his wish may be, to which the audience at Taman Sri Lambak stadium responded that it was to win Sembrong.

Our comment

So here he is at it again.  People can look forward to a great deal more of the Grand Emperor Najib handing out ‘projects’ and pay outs between now and the next election and demanding that people vote for him in return.

This is not his money, it is what he is giving people back out of their money and a very great deal of it was secretly stolen from them at that.

The vast majority of the money he stole has gone on him, his greedy wife and his co-conspirators to splurge on properties, movies, yachts, grand master paintings, the most lavish wedding in Asia, jets – you name it.

These humble consituents, who have been robbed, are merely being promised a tiny bit of compensation in return for the loss of their chances to become a developed nation any time soon.

Najib is only too happy for them to stay poor and grateful for a bag of rice, so that he can rule, his wife wallow in diamonds and his sons pour the world’s most expensive champagne down their throats.

Make clear, Najib did not pay for these constituency parties, as he likes to claim. He has channelled public money into his personal accounts and now he is trying to bribe the real hosts with their own cash.

Again, who do people think is paying for those projects, Najib himself?  The Prime Minister may trumpet a row of houses here or there, but people should consider what they could have had if Najib had not stolen some RM41 billion from them through 1MDB alone (which all needs to be paid back with heavy interest).

Over a hundred free hospitals could have been built and proper schools for the next generation. Think about that.

Najib will pump out his message of munificence through blanket propaganda on TV and the print media, then we will find out if he is right about Malaysians being stupid and his ability to cheat the election registers to ensure he triumphs.

But his dedak followers need to remember, Najib is a proven disaster in charge of Malaysia’s economy – as well as being a lousy thief, caught red handed in the act.  If they let him he will take down the prosperity of the nation with him and the ringgit he bribed them with will soon plummet to the value of a Baht or even Rupiah, note for note.

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